Services & Prices


Eventually we’ll need to gather more specifics, but send us a message  with some basic project details. Expect an email within an hour with available options, and information about submitting your tracks.

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Mixes usually take between 1-2 days once the process begins. This price includes 2 rounds of revisions.  Further rounds of revisions and individually printed stems can be added for an additional fee. 


We have a state-of-the-art hybrid in-the-box/analog rig that is perfect for delivering high-quality radio-ready masters in any format.  The turnaround time for a master is typically 1 day once the process begins. 

Full Song Production

This option is for producing a song from the ground up.  This can include helping to write a fully formed song from an initial idea, adjusting existing arrangements, helping with lyrics and melody, playing and recording instruments.  Basically, anything necessary to fully realize your vision and bring your song to life.  This also includes the price for the mix and master.   Payment plans can be discussed.  Visit the contact page to discuss your project today.

Vocal Lessons

Having developed a name as an accomplished internationally acclaimed vocal coach, Emery offers 45-minute blocks to help you in your vocal development.  You can cover anything from building vocal range, control, emotional delivery, vibrato, hitting high notes, stage presence, etc.

Hourly Recording

Hourly recording can include anything from vocal tracking, editing, mixdowns, or general production.

Audio Books